Film 4 in the 6 Shooter Film Challenge

A wartime period drama set in a World War Two hospital directed by Alison Jeffries.

The war (WW2) has changed the world for everyone. Anne in her bid to support the war effort has trained as a nurse treating soldiers injured on the frontline. Anne has always wanted to be a nurse but the reality of seeing death on daily basis has been more challenging than she expected. However,  over time she has adapted and now feels more useful than she has ever felt before. She has become a strong minded independent woman who is doing her bit to actively help anyway she can in the war.

Although, things are not that simple. Anne’s move was not completely selfless, it made a good distraction from dealing with an MIA husband and his best friend to which she had an affair with briefly before. They were grieving her husband’s (and Charlie’s best friends’) disappearance at war. The film takes place a year after her move when Charlie, Philips best friend, shows up injured with some news (He has found Philip). All the feelings she was trying to bury now bubble up once more as Charlie tries to convince her that they were meant to be. 

Click below to watch the full film on vimeo. The password is 6Shooter.

Archive notes:
– Edited using Final Cut Pro 10.2
– Edited aged 22

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