Film 5 of the 6 Shooter Film Challenge. 

A modern fantasy film. Directed by Alison Jeffries and Will Nash.

An Island in Ruin is a fantasy drama set in a world where status means everything. If you are a Gentlemen or a Lady of the 7 Islands you are treated as royalty if you are not you are treated as nothing. The story follows Benedict a gentlemen who has everything in his life taking away from him when he is framed for murder and is forced into exile with only his best friend Cesso as company. After 10 years away from his home Island he is finally given the evidence he needs to clear his name, but 10 years living as an outlaw have taken there toll him and he fears that his home won’t recognise him anymore or even worse he won’t recognise his home.

Please click below to watch the full film on vimeo. The password is 6Shooter.

Archive notes:
– Edited aged 22
– Edited using Final Cut Pro 10.2


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