Found footage style horror directed by Justin Hyne.

This was the first film to kick off our six months of hard core filmmaking.

It deals with the ever decreasing boundaries between reality and fantasy and how any little thing can tip someone over the edge. It has a range of different cameras, styles and filters to aid the story telling and a sense of realism inside one possible fantasy world.

We thought we would start with something simple to get us up to speed but boy, were we wrong!

We figured found footage would be easier than normal film but it turned out to be twice as tricky, probably more. It’s only through doing something that you really learn how it works and with No Filter now deep into post production it’s going to be one we’re very proud of, given the challenges we overcame.

_MG_0276 1 _MG_0348 _MG_0376 1 _MG_0401 _MG_0452 1

Archive notes
– Editing using Final Cut Pro 10.1.5
– Edited aged 21

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