Film 2 of the 6 Shooter Film Challenge.

A Neo Noir film directed by Kevin Chesnais.

Midas at its heart touches on 3 genres: Love, Fantasy, Thriller.

On the face of it The Midas is an exclusive bar, impossible to gain entry to and elusive to most. There is no signage outside.

The policy on entry is not based on wealth or status, the likes of politicians and the powerful sit alongside the poor and destitute.

Entry is based on credentials that only a few understand. But the reality is something much greater.

A place where people’s minds and hearts are freed and fantasies explored. There is much speculation about what the Midas is and is not.

It’s on one of these strange, autumn nights that the elusive Midas owner will meet one person that will change everything.

Please click below to watch the film on Vimeo. The password is 6Shooter.



Midas (2014)

Archive notes:
– Edited aged 21
– Edited using Final Cut Pro 10.1.4

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